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My Summation

Bill Eling and the August 3 Primary Election for the Hockinson School Board

The office of school district director is non-partisan. But, if my recent conversations with you are any indication, politics are here. I hope my ideas appeal to most if not all people in the district without regard to politics. Here are some reasons why I am asking for your vote.

If you are a TEACHER, you should vote for me because I will do what I can to support and protect your vocation as a teacher.  I will do what I can to minimize continuing education requirements that are ideological [like critical race theory] and, in contrast, encourage education in your academic subject area, providing additional depth to what you share with your students. Your time is valuable. I cannot ask you to waste it on fads and political distractions. I will treat you fairly.


If you are a PARENT, you should vote for me because I will not seek to undermine your rights as parents. You, not the school board, are the persons responsible for the moral well-being of your children and for making decisions about their health.  Assuming another wave of proclamations and edicts are on the way, I will do what I can to keep the schools open. I will do what I can to make sure “age appropriate” materials are actually age appropriate.


If you are a TAXPAYER, you should vote for me because I will work to see that the children of the District get what you are paying for. I understand that the money you pay in taxes doesn’t just show up, but comes out of your pocket. I know many of you are on fixed incomes, now facing the specter of inflation. And I will not support activities inconsistent with the education of independent thinkers. 


If you are part of SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION, you should vote for me because I will be fair to you and will not forget that you need the tools necessary to do your job well. I will defend you against false attacks. I will not ask you to do the indefensible. 


If you are a MEMBER OF A TEACHER’S UNION, you should vote for me because I oppose those ideological programs advocated by those who control teacher’s unions. Note that many of these programs are opposed by taxpayers, teachers and parents who believe such programs undermine the moral authority of parents, are inappropriate for the classroom and are antithetical to the goals of public education. If the public perceives that your union puts controversial social programs and political fads ahead of academic excellence, the future of public education is not too bright.


If you are a VETERAN you should vote for me because I will do what I can to make sure our students graduate knowing that your sacrifice and service were for a country worth defending.


If you are a STUDENT, you should encourage your parents and all eligible voters to vote for me because I will do what I can to make sure that as a result of HSD’s challenging academic and vocational programs, the day you walk out as a Hockinson graduate, you will walk out as an educated, independent thinker, a person who is prepared for a successful and happy life. And personally, I want you to leave Hockinson with the knowledge that while your country may be imperfect, it is the most free, most successful multi-racial democracy in the world. And I hope you are moved to express your gratitude even if its 20 years later.


My reason for running for office [and becoming a “politician,” much to the amusement of my friends] is that a good education is not just important, it is vital. I have told you what I think about controversial topics and tried to do so in a respectful way. I have admitted when I don’t know something. I have admitted when I am wrong. I will keep doing that. And I will not stop repeating that no one has convinced me that the Hockinson School District is systemically racist. I will continue to resist those who presume it is and I welcome hearing the evidence of people who so presume.


I understand that this job will not be a lot of fun.  I expect that at some time and in some way I will disappoint you and you will express that disappointment to my face. There are trade-offs in every decision and I cannot make everyone happy. Even with knowledge of those facts, I ask for your vote in the August 3 primary. I will commit to do my best and hope that my best is good enough.


Thank you, 

July 23, 2021

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